Welcome to mountainclan wiki us mountain cats are known for our good climing skills and fast abiliy we are strong warriors and medics we will do anything just for a kits life or any clan member of ours.

leaders username infinitcat roleplays at leaders name skystar Rules are no douleclaning only if your sibling is playing in an other clan. a kit has to be 6 moons to become apprentices have to be 19 moons old to be a warrior respect the clan or die kittens and elders must be first fed of all the whole clan a warrior must have only one apprentice or more to becom deputy if your a queen and warrior you will choose to becom a warrior still or a nursery kit watcher if your a medic cat you are aloud to pick you prefix or have the one starclan gave you kits can only have kit as there prefixname if you choose to powerplay against a clan battle you will be in a punishment Punishments are picking flees off elders for about too or one moon hunting for the whole intire clan watch the nursery and tell kits story until your a warrior or a medic Territorys are chimbu at the forest zois coral canyons thats all cats skystar